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Issue 227, September 2014

Issue 227, September 2014
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Issue 227, September 2014

Miter-Sanding Jig
Clamp this handy jig on your disc sander’s table and use either the 90° or 45° side of the fence to square up or miter boards.
Basic-Built Grilling Center
Build this low-dough weekend project completely from home-center cedar or follow our easy directions for replacing the top with a weather-impervious concrete slab. Either way, this mobile culinary station features ample storage for supplies, expansive prep space, and hooks for hanging accessories. You supply the kabobs, and the aroma will produce plenty of friends.
Shop-Made Smoothing Plane
High-end infill planes can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. This design features similar lines to those deluxe planes, but in a compact form that makes it better suited to detail work. Build this plane from maple with contrasting cocobolo accents and an inexpensive plane iron.
Heirloom Workbench
Whatever you desire in a dream workbench, this one has it: At 525 pounds it won’t budge regardless of how hard you push on it. Heavy-duty construction means it won’t rack and will readily absorb the heaviest mallet blows. A tail vise, front vise, and plenty of bench-dog holes give you all the work-holding options you’ll ever need. And a stout, yet beautiful, supporting cabinet provides storage. That all adds up to a bench you’ll absolutely love to use.
Tapered-Seat Bench
Contemporary yet comfortable, light in appearance but rock-solid, with seemingly complex yet simple joinery, this bench beautifully blends multiple contrasting elements. Taper the seat planks by resawing on the bandsaw or with a carrier jig at your planer. We’ll show you how.
Vertical Chessboard
Elegant? Check. Versatile? Check. Fun? Checkmate. Fit to grace a king’s quarters, this new layout of a classic game allows for tabletop or wall-mounted tournaments, day or "knight".
Darling Doll Chair
Built to complement the doll bed in issue 223 (Dec/Jan 2013/2014), this chair will provide hours of imaginative playtime. Simple butt-joint-and-screw joinery makes it easy enough to build in a weekend. Dolls in the 18” range fit perfectly.

Avoid Common Sharpening Mistakes
Want sharp tools? Here’s what not to do.
Getting Started with a Router
For versatility, you can’t beat a router. Decorative edging, joinery, trimming, and much more fall within the router’s capability. You can build many projects with just a tablesaw and a router. Here’s some advice to help you start enjoying this essential tool today.
Craft a Concrete Countertop
Using supplies found at the home center, casting a concrete countertop is surprisingly easy. We’ll show you how to top this issue’s grilling center in weather-impervious concrete.
Three Great Finishes (that aren’t polyurethane)
Break your poly habit with one of these finishes and let the wood’s true beauty shine through.
How to Cut Sheet Goods in Tight Quarters
Does your claustrophobic shop induce an irrational fear of cutting full sheets of plywood, MDF, hardboard, and melamine? Well, breathe easy. We’ve got six prescriptions.
Shop Test: 15" Planers
Buying a stationary planer for your home shop is like buying a bass boat for fishing: You want to take your experience to a level that cannot be achieved from the fringes. A stationary planer, such as the seven we reviewed, has the brawn to help you quickly and accurately dimension stock over many years of dependable service. Here, we compare five machines equipped with carbide-insert helical cutterheads against two more-traditional three-knife models.
Wise Buys: Aluminum Bar Clamps
For panel glue-ups and carcase assemblies, it’s hard to beat aluminum bar clamps. They provide a great balance between clamping strength and light weight. After testing seven brands in our shop, we recommend these three.

Shop-Proven Products
Pin nailers, router base, and drill press.

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