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Issue 228, October 2014

Issue 228, October 2014
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Issue 228, October 2014

Swiveling Tool Stand
Using only a half sheet of 3⁄4" pine plywood, a few pine scraps, a knob, and a length of 3⁄4" dowel, you can build this low-profile, easy-turning sander stand. Closed, it saves a few inches of space and gives you unfettered access to your combination sander’s disc. Open, it makes the sander’s belt easy to reach.
Arts and Crafts Bookcase
Gorgeous inlay, a divided-glass door and traditional quartersawn white oak combine in this Arts-and-Crafts bookcase beauty.
Job-Site Tablesaw Crosscut Sled
This simple sled doubles the crosscut capacity of most job-site tablesaws while improving the cut quality. The sled coasts smoothly on waxed runners, the offcut plate catches waste pieces, and shop-made toggles keep both plates firmly attached to your saw (but quick to remove).
4-Across Game
With a steady base that doubles as a storage case, this classic strategy game is simple enough to build that you’ll have it completed well before next weekend’s game night.
Rippling-Waves Keepsake Box
Extended, pinned finger joints and a progressive-arc lid (cut using a simple router jig) set this weekend project several notches above other boxes.
"A Cut Above" Bookends
These bookends only look like they’ll cut down on your reading. The clever handsaw optical illusion makes this project lots of fun, but it has a serious side, too. With a few simple alterations, the handle serves as a full-size saw-handle replacement. And with less than four board feet of lumber, it has big visual impact at a low cost.

Build Beefier Butt Joints
Two great ways to bolster and beautify butt joints.
How to Fix a Misplaced Groove
Salvage a mis-cut groove with this neat fix.
Four Eye-Popping Box Tops
Professional furniture designer/craftsman and boxmaker Doug Stowe adds four alternate lid designs to this issue’s keepsake box.
Dead-Blow Hammers: What and Why?
If you’ve ever tried to “nudge” a tight joint together with a hammer only to end up denting the wood, you’ve learned the value of a dead-blow mallet. We’ll walk you through your options for these gentle persuaders.
How to Buy the Right Mitersaw
Choosing the mitersaw best suited to your needs can be confusing, given the many options. To clear things up, we take a close look at the different types of mitersaws, as well as the essential features that will make you a happy woodworker.
Tool Review: Corded Jigsaws
With a close eye on cut quality, cutline visibility, blade-speed control, power, and ease-of-use, we test 10 high-quality jigsaws, head-to-head.

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