Issue 226, July 2014

Issue 226, July 2014
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Issue 226, July 2014

Infeed/Outfeed Stock Support
Supported by a pair of adjustable roller stands, this stock-supporting fixture butts against the outfeed end of your bandsaw or tablesaw to prop up your workpiece before it can drop.
Arching Garden Arbor
Distinctive architectural details—massive posts and beams, slatted side panels with decorative stiles, arched openings, and a roof that soars to a peak—combine to make this arbor a captivating garden addition. At the same time, standard construction lumber and screw joinery ensure a hassle-free constructions. And those curved beams for the arched opening? They’re easy to assemble laminations ensuring that this stunning garden structure will be a pleasing build and a pleasant getaway.
Construction-Grade Backhoe Loader
With as many moving parts as a Swiss Army knife, this jack-of-all-construction-trades performs almost as many jobs. Clear the toy room with the front loader, or drop the bucket to the floor, lower the sure-footed outriggers and excavate the living-room carpet with the backhoe.
Mid-Century Modern Credenza
This modern organizer lends style to your office or living room. Ordinary MDF becomes eye-poppingly beautiful with the addition of stunning quilted-ash veneer. Plus, learn a simpler-than-you’d-think-possible method for applying veneer using a vacuum bag and pump using the included bonus article. Not interested in veneering your own panels? Simply purchase cabinet-grade plywood in the veneer of your choice.
Kitchen Appliance Garage
This under-cabinet keeper declutters your kitchen by hiding unsightly appliances behind an attractive façade. Constructed with basic tools, this appliance garage sports a simple milk-paint finish (we’ll show you how), giving it an antiqued look.
Overhead Swing-Down Shop Storage
Every inch of space counts in a cramped basement workshop, including that wasted space between the ceiling joists. Put it to work using the three trays on this rack to store fasteners, paint, tools, and accessories.
3-D Scrollsawn Lion
Requiring only a scrollsaw and handsaw to cut out the parts, this lion makes a great starting project for a new woodworker. Youngsters will love receiving one, or better yet, building one with your assistance. For materials you need only a 7” length of ¼” dowel and an inexpensive sheet of 1/8” Baltic birch plywood.

How to Lay Out an Ellipse
A simple scrapwood trammel and framing square makes drawing large ellipses (ovals) easy.
Vacuum-bag Veneering Made Simple
Working with veneer is simpler than you might think when you clamp it down using a vacuum press. We turned to WOOD Online forum host Matt Seiler to show you how you can clamp with literally a ton of pressure per square foot.
Best Woods for Outdoor Projects
Projects exposed to heat, cold, moisture, wind, dirt, and insects require durable exterior-grade lumber. We lay out your options.
Must-know Secrets About Cordless Tools
The ample power and go-anywhere versatility of today’s cordless tools could doom your electric tools to a long life on the shelf. Is it time to cut the cord?
Shop-Proven Products
Premium router table, jobsite tablesaw, pocket-hole jig, flush trim saws.

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