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Issue 208, November 2011

Issue 208, November 2011
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Table of Contents:
Space-saving Fold-Flat Workbench
This fold-up table adds 16+ square feet of worksurface. When not in use, hinges secure the worktable to the wall.

Flat-screen-ready Media Center
A showstopper designed for the latest and greatest entertainment gear.

Motor Grader
WOOD's popular "Construction-Grade" toy series continues.

Fold-Flat Sawhorses
These sawhorses fold flat when not in use, while still maintaining the qualities you appreciate in conventional sawhorses.

Zigzag Rocking Chair
David Dundas designed this chair with epoxied loose-tenon joints and reinforcing splines that make it stronger than its appearance suggests.

Art Deco Desk Clock
Simple techniques and a drop-in clock movement make this a quick build.


Arched Raised-panel Doors Made Easy
Throw your doors a curve to raise them above the ordinary.

Get the Burl of Your Dreams
Burls—bulbous growths resulting from disease, injury, or a combination, look wart-like on the outside but often hide gorgeous figured wood inside.

Tips for Hassle-free Glue-ups
Woodworkers often turn to their hobby to relax. These helpful tips help you banish the stress from your glue-up routine.

Make Simple, Eye-boggling Boxes
Martyn Brewer's unorthodox method for creating boxes caught our eye from clear across the Atlantic.

Work More Wood for Less Money
Tip the economic scales in your favor with these money-saving ideas.


Keep Tools from Dulling
Detecting metal in lumber before you cut it is one way to save saw blades and sharp tool edges.

Learn Your Lumber Grades
Reduce your lumber bill by knowing the grade. No PhD required.

Shop Test: 23-Gauge Pinners
These handy nailers sink superfine fasteners for clamp-free glue-ups, and leave behind nearly invisible holes.

Shop-Proven Products
Mid-price hand planes, breakdown bench, and more.

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