Issue 203 March 2011

Issue 203 March 2011
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Table of Contents:
"Shop-In-A-Box" Compact Tool Storage
For about $165 in materials, build this accommodating cabinet to store a small-shop's worth of tools, hardware, and supplies.
Pocket-Hole Jig Organizer & Base
Clamp this organizer to your workbench with a pocket-hole jig mounted on top and go to work. When you're done, fill the compartments with screws and accessories and hang it up until the next job.
Corner Curio Cabinet
Glass, mirrors, and cherry give this angled cabinet class. Though it may appear to be one cabinet, this collectible showcase is actually two identical, stacked units.
Easy-To-Build Dry Sink
Build cabinets the quick-and-easy way. America's leading woodworking instructor, Marc Adams, shows you how to design and make your own custom cabinets.
Scrollsawn Dinosaur Puzzle
Park Jurassic in front of a youngster and watch his or her imagination go into high gear. It�s dino-mite!
Skill Builders
Joinery: Making the Most of Dowels
Dead-on dowel joints are much easier to make than mortise-and-tenon joints and a lot stronger than biscuits.
Small-Scale, Affordable Spray Finishing
Airbrushes and touch-up sprayers provide simple, low-cost ways to spray.
How to Turn a Green-Wood Bowl
With just a few basic tools and these easy-to-follow steps, you'll be turning out dazzling bowls in no time.
Drawer-Slide Mounting Made Easy
Learn to choose the right drawer slides and mount them for smooth results. Some woodworkers avoid drawers in their projects because they perceive them to be difficult to install. Truth is, with a few tricks, you'll soon be installing drawers with ease.
Tools & Materials
Shop Test: Oscillating Multi-Function Tools
Discover which of these tools will saw, sand, and scrape best in your wood shop.
Shop-Proven Products
Compact cyclone, carbide planer knives, and more.
Editor�s Angle
Sounding Board
Shop Tips
What�s Ahead
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