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Great Garage Makeovers 2013

Great Garage Makeovers 2013
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Great Garage Makeovers 2013
Practical Garage Transformations
East Coast, West Coast, no coast, it’s the same across North America: Home-owners are transforming an underused, overstuffed garage into an extension of the house.
Flooring Options
For many, the garage makeover process begins by dressing up blah concrete into something easy to maintain. We’ll show you options from easy to exotic.
Ceilings & Lighting
When you plan your garage makeover, don’t forget to look up. How you finish your ceiling and the lights you add will make shop time more enjoyable.
Wall Organizers
Hang on! We have plenty of great ideas you can buy or build to make the best use of your garage wall space.
Walls: Colors, Stripes, & Murals
Before you drag out the 9” roller and a bucket of white paint, check out the stripes, flames, and murals that are popping up in garages just like yours.
Cabinets & Storage
No matter your budget, we can help you find base units and wall units that make efficient use of your garage. Our chart lists 20 leading models.

Tool Chests & Workbenches
What’s a garage without a workbench and some tool storage? Don’t miss the penny-pinching bench solutions of seven creative shop guys from around the country.

Drawer Organizers
Before pawing through one more snarl of tools, browse through this chapter. We round up 15 great ways to organize your equipment, hardware, and accessories.

Mobilize Your Machines
Homeowners with limited space agree: Putting equipment on wheels makes a shop work bigger. We review six mobile options for your power tools, and show you nine more to build.

Man Caves & Garage Nuts
Hold on; there’s more. Roll up the garage door and join us for a visit to seven more hardworking garages.
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