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Great Garage Makeovers 2011

Great Garage Makeovers 2011
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Get Organized Today!
Garage Upgrades
Big room, big opportunities. For most homeowners, the garage represents the largest space in the house�and the last one personalized. Get started with these great ideas.
Flooring Options
Objective #1: Hide that dull gray concrete floor and make it easier to keep clean. Learn about your choices and follow along with two step-by-step flooring upgrades.
Walls, Ceilings & Doors
Garage walls provide a blank palette. From sheet goods to surfaces and colors, owners offer ideas to get these surfaces working hard.
With so many choices, choosing cabinets confounds many homeowners. We�ll help you sort out options to maximize organization and add eye appeal.
When there�s work to be done in the garage, you need a bench. Find options from portable and fold-down versions to stationary benches ready for daily duty.
Tool Storage & Mobility
Whether you own a bucket of tools or have spent buckets of money on tools, keep them organized.
Man Caves & Garage Nuts
Wow! See what happens when imaginations run wild. Turn here for some inspiration for your garage.
Safe Practices
You only get one set of eyes, ears, and lungs. Learn how to protect them while working in the garage.
Comfort & Conveniences
Increase the livability of your garage by adding insulation, heat, and a few cool gadgets.
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