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Best-ever Workshop Tips, Jigs & Organizers 2005

Best-Ever Workshop Tips, Jigs & Organizers 2005
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Workshop Shortcuts
WOOD magazine's Master Craftsman Chuck Hedlund offers some time-saving ideas about setting up your shop efficiently, and solving common problems sensibly.
  • 28 great ideas
Precision Jigs
Here's a collection of some of our best tried-and-true jigs—quick-and-easy ways to make your power tools more versatile and super accurate.
  • Our all-time favorites
  • Box-joint jig
  • Good-looking box joints
  • 10 scrapwood jigs
  • How to flatten an uneven worktop
  • Fast-forming fairing stick
  • Dovetail-jig stabilizer fixture
Store-all Organizers
Put your tools within easy reach using this wide range of shop organization projects and tips. Leading off is a cabinet that rolls right up to your work area as needed.
  • Mobile tool cabinet
  • Sanding-disc organizer
  • Craftsman’s-pride tool chest
  • Storage for chisels
  • Drum-sanding table
  • Protect-and-serve blade rack
  • Mobile storage
  • One-day workbench
Best-ever Tips
Try out these time- and labor-saving ideas submitted by our readers. Each is geared to specific techniques and work areas.
  • Assembly and clamping
  • Machining
  • Workbench/work surfaces
More Tips
Use everything from dental floss to clothespins to solve a variety of everyday shop problems. You'll want to put these to work right away.
  • 40 great tips
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