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Best-Ever Storage Solutions 2010

Best-Ever Storage Solutions 2010
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Organize problem areas with these tested tips. In putting this magazine together, we turned to our nationwide network of project scouts, listened to our readers and online viewers, and rounded up our own best ideas. We verified each of the solutions as being sound, practical advice you could use at home. And we built many of the projects in our own shop to ensure your success and satisfaction. We provided simple plans so you or someone with a few basic skills can adapt them to your needs. Because we know that ideas are great, but the "plan" to get things done moves us off the mark.

Table of Contents:
Storage Strategies:
Adopting a Plan
Try a simple four-point plan of action to kick the clutter habit.
Tuck-Away Storage
The quickest way to conquer clutter: Hide it away in drawers and cabinets.
Storage on Display
Stuff in plain sight needn't create a cluttered look as long as there's a sense of order.
Daily-Use Storage
Well-designed storage puts within easy reach the things you use most.
Storage On the Go
Wheel stuff where you need it, then stow it where there's space to spare.
Storage Organizers
Fine-tune your basic system to avoid "chaos creep."

Repurposed Storage
Find home storage solutions in unlikely places.
Storage Basics:
Making Shelves
Adopt a budget-minded approach by designing and building your own.
Making Cabinets
Gain custom-tailored storage by building cabinets in your shop.
3 Foolproof Ways to Hang Shelves and Cabinets
Get the hang of installing wall-mounted storage using these easy techniques.
Gathering Spaces:
Living Areas
Control clutter and make the household run smoother where the whole family gathers.
Dining Areas
Built-ins play a key role in providing stow-away space when the room needs to switch roles.
Display Cabinet
Adjustable glass shelves and glass sides in this display case let your collection shine.
Media Centers
Accommodating a media center in today's living spaces takes planning.
Kitchen Spaces:
Retool Existing Storage
Gain the right kind of storage in the right places.
Divide and Organize
Customize drawers with a simple tray.
Divide and Organize
Customize drawers with a simple tray.
Divide and Organize
Customize drawers with a simple tray.
Bed, Bath, and Closets:
Master Suites
Head off clutter in the master suite with thoughtfully designed storage.
Kid's Rooms
Organize his or her room to make it fun to play in and easy to keep clean.
Closet Storage
Adapt this modular do-it-yourself system to maximize storage possibilities in your closets.
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