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Best-Ever Outdoor Projects 2011

Best-Ever Outdoor Projects 2011
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Table of Contents:

No Helper? No Problem Overcome the challenges of accomplishing strenuous tasks without a helper.
Decks and Patios
Anatomy of a Deck
Learn the lingo for framing your deck.
Decking Patterns
Mix and match �em to get a custom look.
Deck Railings
Safety is just one factors in good railing design.
Simple Step Building
Apply the basic principles of step construction.
Building a Patio
Do it yourself with pavers laid on sand.
Fire Starter
Create your own outdoor hearth.
Decking Materials
Check out the host of available options.
Which work best for your decking?
Outdoor Adhesives
Discover how well each type holds up.
Why Outdoor Finishes Fail
We isolate the problems and offer solutions.
8 Top Patio Materials
Pick the one that suits your style and budget.
Quick & Easy Projects
A Tudor for Tweeters
It�s sure to lure your favorite frequent fliers.
Build a Potting Bench
Adapt this simple plan to your needs.
Table-for-One Squirrel Feeder
Watch your furry-tailed friends chow down.
Deck-Rail Planter Frames
These planters won�t crowd your deck.
Raised Beds
Boost your yield�without breaking your back.
Outdoor Furniture
Bistro Table
Dine in style on your deck or patio.
Outdoor Bench
Craft this classic with easy-to-find materials.
Trio of Pedestals
Group them for cocktails or potted plants.
Step-by-Step Plant Stand
Display favorite flowers and accessories.
Backyard Buildables
Made-in-the-Shade Pergola
Simple subassemblies make it easy to build.
Add a focal point�and a place to sit.
Stylish Storage
Use common building materials creatively.
Mini Garden Shed
�Plant” some storage right where you need it.
4 Distinctive Fence Panels
Clever design gives them a custom look.
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