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Best-Ever Home Shop Ideas Fall 2011

Best-Ever Home Shop Ideas Fall 2011
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Organize Your Shop Today
ORGANIZE YOUR SHOP - Storage and Accessories
Transform your shop in a weekend
Pining for a dream shop? The good news: You already own it! The better news? With our suggestions it's only a few days away!
A home for every hand tool
Quick! Where are your favorite needle–nose pliers? If it takes you more than 30 seconds to find them, it's time to get your tool drawer in order.
Bench-tool system
These two mobile cabinets work in tandem to put your benchtop tools in reach when you need them and out of the way when you don't.
Clamp organizer
Wall standards and shelf brackets form the core of this all–encompassing clamp–storage system.
Safekeeping for saw blades
The pullout hangers on this wall–mount storage unit keep your blades organized and protect their teeth.
Easy–storing sawhorses
After a hard day's work, these sturdy horses stow away in minimal space while waiting for their next task.
Simple 'n' sturdy tool stand
Here's a rock–solid tool horse that's a sure bet. Put down a little money and saddle it with your best small tools.
Router table and organizer
A router table should be small and mighty. This project fits that description to a T, plus it's neat and organized.
Assembly table
The torsion–box top on this rolling workstation ensures square glue–ups and wobble–free furniture.
Compressed–air workstation
Build this caddy from one sheet of plywood and a few dimensional lumber scraps. It holds a small compressor, hose, nailers, fasteners, and other accessories in one ready-to-roll unit.
Shop cart/workbench
Whether you need mobile storage or a steady worksurface, this portable helper with its fold–out extension perfectly suits a space–squeezed workshop.
Wall–mounted mitersaw station
This wall–hugging unit not only preserves floor space, it also contains the blast of sawdust from a notoriously messy tool.
EQUIP YOUR SHOP - Tools, Big and Small
10 inch sliding mitersaws
This tool is worth its weight in gold—if you know how to make the most of it.
6 methods to maximize your mitersaw
Turn your "chop" saw into a precision cutting tool with these helpful tips.
Our favorite workshop tools
We asked our editors and contributors which woodworking tools they couldn't live without.
How to buy a tablesaw
Get one that's right for your shop and the way you work.
21 tablesaw tune–up tips
Go beyond what's covered in your owner's manual for easy assembly and spot-on accuracy.
Must–have measuring & marking tools
After months of testing, these super–accurate layout devices earned a permanent place in the WOOD® magazine shop.
Benchtop drill–press roundup
With nearly as much capacity and power as floor-standing presses, these brutes get the job done—for half the price.
Random–orbit sander review
Most models we tested deliver a smooth wood surface in a jiffy, but some leave you in a cloud of dust.
Buy the right router
How to make sense of your many options.
Benchtop planer overview
Here's the skinny on thickness planers: They'll all dimension wood accurately, but the best machines leave less cleanup work for you to do afterward.
Top buys in 5 portable power tools
Don't wait until you can afford a shop full of pricey pro–level tools. You can start crafting high–quality woodworking projects with these five basic (and inexpensive) tools.
Multibase router–kit review
We tested 11 combo packs in search of the best—and it didn't take long to knock a few out of the running.
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