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Best-Ever Home Shop Ideas 2011

Best-Ever Home Shop Ideas 2011
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Table of Contents:

No Helper? No Problem Overcome the challenges of accomplishing strenuous tasks without a helper.
Plan Your Shop:
It’s Time to Act on Your Dream Shop
Time spent designing your new work room will pay huge dividends.
Flooring Options
You’ll find plenty of choices when you consider upgrades to your shop floor.
Workshop Cabinetry
Feast your eyes on all the options for storing tools behind doors.
Wall Systems
If you want efficiency, you’ll plan for hanger space on your shop walls.
Energy Efficiency for Your Shop
How to reduce your energy bill and reap dividends for years to come.
Prepare Your Shop:
Garage Makeover
Join us for a journey into an upgraded garage that’s now a pleasure to work in.
Tips & Tools for Applying an Epoxy Floor
See how professionals prepare a homeowner’s garage for an industrial-quality epoxy floor.
How to Unstuff Your Garage in 2 Days
Learn how one DIYer spent less than $1,000 to inject order into his shop.
Build Your Shop:
One-Day Workbench
A solid bench becomes the key feature of your long-anticipated shop upgrade.
Bench-Tool System
A versatile tower and cabinet—both on wheels—are ideal for benchtop tools.
Rolling Workshop Storage
Save a lot of steps when you wheel a tower of materials to your work area.
Shop Cart
In a weekend, you can build a convenient shop cart from one 4x8’ sheet of plywood
Tool Cabinet
A tidy wall-mount cabinet packs a wallop with amazing swing-out space for tools.
Tablesaw Workbench
Make the most of a combination workbench and outfeed table.
Equip Your Shop:
Getting Started
Because few of us can afford to buy all new tools at once, it makes sense to have a plan.
Success With Mitersaws & Accessories
Mitersaws are perfectly designed for cutting molding and a whole lot more.
Drills: Compared and Contrasted
Be sure you read this article about hand, battery-powered, floor, and tabletop drills.
Random-Orbit Sanders
These tools save you hours of sanding by leaving scratch-free finishes.
Air Tools and Compressor Systems
You’ll be amazed at how practical a compressor is for jobs around the house.
Clamps for the Home
Be sure you have the right clamp for the job.
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