Best-Ever Decks & Backyard Projects 2010

Best-Ever Decks & Backyard Projects 2010
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Beautify your outdoor spaces with this jam-packed magazine. For the homeowner wanting to build a deck or improve an existing one, you'll find all you need, from info on planning, designing, building, and finishing. Every key detail is illustrated and explained, guaranteeing success through completion. For those of you with gardening and landscaping inclinations, there are project plans for trellises, arbors, a hose holder, and swing.

Book Size: 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
Number of Pages: 112 pages plus covers

Table of Contents
Plan Your Deck Project
Planning and designing a deck starts with a basic question: How will you use your new outdoor space? Let’s get started!
Design a Deck for Any Situation
Conquer steep slopes, narrow yards, and unsightly views by customizing the deck to fit your lot.
Build Outdoor Projects to Last
Discover which woods, fasteners, and hardware excel at handling the rigors of the natural world.
Remove an Old Deck
If you've outgrown an existing deck, your first task will be removing the decking and framework. Don't forget safety goggles and a dust mask!
Draw a Plan and Choose a Decking Pattern
Grab your pencil, graph paper, and straightedge; it's time to put your best deck ideas to paper.
Sound Ways to Install a Ledger
Get your deck off to a solid start by properly securing the ledger to your house. See how to deal with siding, masonry, and stucco.
Lay Out the Deck
With plan in hand, lay out your deck. Bring your tape measure, an armful of stakes, and a ball of string.
Good Foundations
Prepare your footings for a rock-solid structure.
More Footings & Flashings
Get your project off on the right foot by taking advantage of these footing options. Don't cut corners!
Main Supports: Beams and Joists
Learn the ins and outs for constructing and placing these key structure components.
Install Decking to Show off Your Project
The real fun begins when you lay down your decking like a pro. Check out all the installation tips for the best possible look.
Rise to the Top: Step-by-Step Stair Building
Before you start raising your stairs, familiarize yourself with the terminology and building codes.
Basic Brick Projects
Use brick to provide the ideal transition from your yard to your deck stairs.
Install Railings
Railings add more than safety to your deck—they establish the style and set the boundary for your outdoor escape.
Elegant Arched Trellis
With the aid of full-size patterns and simple, reliable joinery, you can build a trellis that's the envy of your neighborhood.
Grand Entrance
Make a statement with an inviting approach to your backyard. This design matches the style of the garden arbor.
Garden Arbor
This stout structure provides a welcome backyard retreat for relaxing with a book or just sitting back to enjoy your handiwork.
Handy Hose Holder
Stow more than 100' of garden hose on this decorative and sturdy hanger. It mounts on a post.
Raised to Last a Lifetime
Using composite decking materials, build a raised bed for your favorite flowers and vegetables. In just a few weeks, you'll harvest the bounty.
Maintain and Troubleshoot Decks
Adopt a regular maintenance schedule to help you extend the lifetime enjoyment of your deck investment.
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