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America's Best Home Workshops 2010

America's Best Home Workshops 2010
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America's Best Home Workshops 2010
The $8,000 workshop
Dale Heisinger�s 324-square-foot Washington workshop proves that the enjoyment a woodworker gets is not determined by the size of the workshop.
A New England natural
Mike Connolly�s 1,344-square-foot shop includes a storage unit with 120 cubbyholes that keep the space organized.
The work smarter not harder workshop
Lynn �Jumbo� Lawrenz has a reputation for figuring out how to make it easier to work on projects, and his 720-square-foot Wisconsin shop is packed with ideas.
He can�t get enough space
With so many hobbies, such as making telescopes, under one roof, Tom Clark�s 2,400-square-foot Florida workshop includes a work area at the core and storage areas around the perimeter.
Simply radiant
See how Dave Shively installed in-floor radiant heat under his 1,536-square-foot Indiana workshop and designed a safe, easy-to-maintain spray/finish room inside.
The �over-the-top� workshop
Mike Walker�s 1,670-square-foot Washington workshop has storage space in some unusual places and a mobile router table that uses air bags to lift it off the floor.
The easy-to-maintain workshop getaway
Rod Cox designed his 720-square-foot Iowa workshop to include mobile tools and a floor covering that makes cleanup a breeze.
The great Virginia smoke out
Dale Toms planned every detail of his 1,536-square-foot shop on paper first, and then built his shop to fit.
Not your typical workshop
John Herboldsheimer�s 513-square-foot shop connects to buildings he used as a concrete subcontractor, so he has access to extra space and some unusual equipment.
Dream it, do it!
Dave Estopinal�s 1,800-square-foot California shop also functions as a gallery for his collection of antique pedal cars, soda pop machines, and tools.
A fully loaded workshop play space
Paul Amberg considered his future needs�and a time when he can spend a lot more time woodworking�when he designed his 864-square-foot Wisconsin shop.
The one-man, 9,000-piece-per-year production workshop
At 600 square feet, this Virginia workshop isn�t especially large, but with 15 workstations available and seemingly boundless energy, woodworker Erik Jorgensen sets a wicked production pace.
Experience is the best teacher
A combination machine is at the center of Fred Collins� 710-square-foot Vermont workshop, which conserves space and minimizes tool movement.
The complete shop on wheels
Short on space and with limited resources to devote to his new hobby, Dan McNair designed a compact, mobile workshop he can use inside the garage or out on the driveway.
Workshop jump-starts garage re-do
There�s more to setting up a good workshop than picking the right tools. Designing your space, selecting a comfortable floor, and storage space are important considerations too, not to mention a shop that is safe. Here you�ll find dozens of tips for setting up the proper shop or making some adjustments to your current arrangement.
Gallery of ideas
We found lots of great ideas while preparing this issue. See what other woodworkers have done to improve their shop or simply their projects.
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