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America's Best Home Workshops 2011

America's Best Home Workshops 2011
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Neat & Complete
Detail, organization, and creativity mix freely and easily in this suburban shop, built alongside a brand-new home.
Triple Delight
A renowned carver of Native American totem poles and art designed a workspace serving three distinct functions.
From The Bottom Up
A basement shop not only can be truly functional but also built without a huge expense - if you use some innovation.
Mountain Paradise
Large shops aren't immune to disorganization! A Colorado woodworker with space to spare set about taking on this challenging task.
Years In The Making
Two years of patience and careful planning resulted in the perfect shop for a Pennsylvania furnituremaker.
The Shop That Has Everything
A woodworking mentor advised: Quality work needs a quality shop. Here's how one Iowan made that happen on a budget.
Good Things Come In Small Packages
An Illinois graduate student proves you don't need a huge shop to build a useful woodworking projects. Here's how he 'shed' that notion.
Not Bad For A Beginner
With an eye for practicality, a newcomer to woodworking built a shop that accommodates his developing skills.
Patience Is Its Own Reward
Long, hard planning made a bright, airy, versatile space possible for the doctor who created it.
Family Ties
Father and son combined to build a workshop that serves to bring the generations closer together, literally!
Just Hangin' Around
Walls aren't just things to keep shop ceilings from falling down. They make mighty useful and colorful utility spaces.
Play The Angles
A hobbyist who caught the woodworking bug began amassing tool after tool after tool then shoehorned them into his unusual, angled garage.
Project Gallery
When it comes to great ideas to make your shop more functional or organized, our readers take a backseat to no one.
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