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Link to the WOOD Store and start earning extra income today.
Do you have an established woodworking or do-it-yourself Web site that has a good following? If so, jump into the world of electronic commerce today by joining the WOOD Store Affiliates Program. The WOODstore contains more than 1,200+ quality paper and electronic (downloadable) woodworking plans, tool reviews, and articles created by the editors of WOOD® magazine. These plans are second to none. The WOOD Store also contains a wide variety of outstanding DVD's, back issues of WOOD magazine, woodworking books, downloadable Tool Reviews and articles.
Will I be dealing with a quality line of products?
All the products listed above have been created by the editors of WOOD magazine. And the project plans and techniques have been built or tested in the WOOD magazine shop to verify their accuracy. To see an online preview of what our downloadable and mail-direct plans include, click here. To see the preview of what each paper plan WOOD Plan includes, click here.
How does the WOOD Store Affiliate Program work?
Our program is an easy and exciting way for you to work with a quality producer and distributor of top-notch woodworking plans. Use our products to enhance your site and earn income in the process. By simply displaying our products, banners and logos on your site and linking to the WOOD Store, you can earn money each time a visitor from your site comes to our site and purchases any of our numerous products. The WOOD Store handles all of the customer service, fulfillment, shipping, and tracking of sales generated from your site. And should you wish to discontinue with this relationship, you can quit at any time.
Why should I become a WOOD Store Affiliate?
That's easy! Linking your site to the WOOD Store means you are working with the leader in the field of woodworking plans and products generated by WOOD magazine, the largest woodworking magazine in the world. Best of all, we'll pay you 15% of each sale generated from your site. Joining is free, and getting started is easy. Plus, you can check your earnings and traffic reports online anytime you'd like.
Who Can Be a WOOD Store Affiliate?
Anyone with an established woodworking or do-it-yourself related site with reasonable traffic can be an Affiliate! We currently have Affiliates of all sizes. We will however, review your site before setting up the affiliation.
How Do I Get Started?
To qualify your site (if you'd like to proceed) we need the following information: 

1.Your name, address, phone, and e-mail address
2. The URL of your Web sites
3. Total page views or visitors for your site for the last 6 months (we prefer to work with established sites)
4. Areas where our plan images and links would appear on your site.

Send this information to Lucas.Peters@Meredith.com. Then, we'll have our Affiliation Manager, Dick Meuler, review your information. If it looks like your site would be a good fit with our woodworking plans and information, our Affiliation Manager will contact you to work out the details.

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