6" Dado Sets
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6" Dado Sets
Downloadable Acrobat Tool Review
Downloadable Acrobat Tool Review
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Bigger isn't always better. Do the math: 6" stacked dado sets cost about $20 to $30 less than comparable 8" models, and in most cases they'll do everything their big brothers will. We seldom dado deeper than 1", and all 13 of the 6" sets we tested beat that by. Also, if you own a lower-powered tablesaw, particularly a benchtop model 6" dado set stresses its motor less without sacrificing cut quality or performance. But which 6" model should you buy? Read our testing results to find out.
BONUS Article: Learn the simple secret to no-fuss dead-on dadoes using this technique to achieve perfect-width dadoes in only two test cuts, guaranteed.

Featured in the December/January 2008/2009 issue of WOOD.

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