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22 All-Time Top Shop Tips

22 All-Time Top Shop Tips
Downloadable Acrobat Article
Downloadable Acrobat Article
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If football is a game of inches, woodworking is a game of factions where you measure success in sixth-fourths of an inch. And any technique or jig that increases accuracy or efficiency brings you one step closer to success. From the thousands of Shop Tips that WOOD magazine has published during the past 24 years, our editorial staff picked out the cream of the crop. Then we added fresh ideas to make them ever better ways to:

•create shop-made jigs
•ease cabinet construction
•avoid goofs
•work around problems or the limitations of your tools.

This article was featured in the November 2008 issue of WOOD.

Want to see 1,100 more great shop tips? See our specially priced trio of tips books.

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