10" Sliding Mitersaws
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10" Sliding Mitersaws
Downloadable Acrobat Tool Review
Downloadable Acrobat Tool Review
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With all the choices in mitersaws these days (sliders and non slider alike), a 10" sliding compound mitersaw provides the best combination of accuracy, cut capacity, power, price, and portability. Non-sliding saws, though reliably accurate, lighter, and less expensive, lack the crosscut capacity up to 50 percent less with 10" models and 33 percent less with 12" saws of sliders. On the other hand, 12" sliders provide an extra inch or so of vertical cut capacity (a bonus when cutting moldings standing against the fence) crosscut about the same as 10" sliders, weigh up to 40 percent more, and cost another $100 to $200. To help you find the right 10" slider for your shop, we put 10 saws through rigorous testing in a variety of woods.

Featured in the December/January 2010/2011 issue of WOOD.

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