101+ Best-Ever Workshop Projects 2009

101+ Best-Ever Workshop Projects 2009
101+ Best-Ever Workshop Projects 2009101+ Best-Ever Workshop Projects 2009
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In this project-packed publication you'll get more than 120 jigs,organizers, supports, stands, storage accessories, tool and lumber racks, and tips tested in the WOOD magazine shop or submitted by our loyal readers. Each tip, jig, and organizer was cherry-picked from hundreds of other ideas to save you time and money in your own shop, and make you a better woodworker. Finding great ideas to improve your shop just got a whole lot easier.

Table of Contents:

Hardworking Jigs and Accessories

A good woodworking jig matched with the right tool brings both efficiency and added safety to your woodshop pursuits. This collection of 28 jigs fits the bill.

Supports, Stands, and Worksurfaces

These 23 easy-to-make projects keep shop tools (and workpieces) as steady as can be. From benches and folding tables to tool caddies and mobile assembly stations, these helpers will give you a hand every time you step into the shop.

Racks for Tools, Clamps, and Lumber

Every shop needs a good place to store bulky tools and materials. These 22 projects keep tools and lumber out of the way but still ready to go at a moment's notice.

Hardware and Accessory Storage

With well-designed storage for hardware, fasteners, small accessories, and countless other supplies, you never have to stop working to hunt down these small items. Here are 22 clever projects that ensure efficiency, even in the busiest shop.

Shop Tips

Short and sweet, these 29 project-oriented hints, ideas, and tricks offer fast solutions to just about any workshop situation. You'll be surprised-and pleased!-at just how quickly these tips can come to the rescue in your shop.

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